OBS Tutorial Series Audio Devices & Filters 2019

The last thing I want to check is output under recording and streaming you can set the audio tracks now as far as I know you can only stream one audio track is then the audience can only ever hear the one audio track that you pick here but you can record multiple tracks so you would come into recording and pick the tracks you want to record I have four selected and that way we can record and split the audio across those four tracks it will help me edit the video later so that’s where that’s done that’s about it for audio settings in OBS so let’s close this tvmelayu

And hear back at the main display we see the four devices we added there I have a USB sound card that I use to pick up my TV audio when I’m playing on my TV now obviously if my TV is not being used I don’t want to pull audio from it so I use that as a local device and it’s not currently here so to add a local device we right click on sources or on the main screen add input or output we’re doing input and add USB soundcard in this case there it is so now that we added that it should show up down bottom here we have volume control over just like everything else it’s worth noting that you don’t have

The ability to add volume only subtract or turn off you can add volume in OBS you just can’t do it here now this device I can turn it on or off with this visibility button also if I go to scene 2 here since I didn’t add it to scene – it’s gonna disappear only the main devices will appear that’s the difference between main devices global devices and local devices let’s go ahead and get rid of that and open up the advanced audio control panel which is under any of these audio gears click on one of them with the left mouse and you should see filters properties